Oman Frankincense resin - Boswellia sacra - Superior Hojary grade frankincense from the Dhofar region of Oman. Considered by many to be the finest frankincense resin in the world, Hojary is primarily the larger selected white and lemon-white colored frankincense resins. It comes only from Dhofar region of Oman, whose arid growing conditions are ideal for fine quality frankincense resin.

Superior Hojary frankincense resins produce beautiful light, bright, citrus aromas with slight underlying woody and balsamic tones. Of the frankincense resins from Oman, Hojary is the most sought after of all.

Frankincense burns with a white, fragrant smoke and was thought to carry prayers to heaven. The Greeks and Romans burned it as an offering to their gods, and the Egyptians buried it in their royal tombs. The smoke was used to fumigate clothes and homes, repel insects and counter the bad smells that were common before modern sanitation. Frankincense was also thought to have certain medicinal properties. It was used as a diuretic, to cleanse the kidneys, to stop internal and external bleeding, to aid in fat elimination and to cure forgetfulness. Frankincense is still harvested in Yemen and is on sale in vast quantities in the markets. Dioscorides, writing in the first century AD, tells us that frankincense bark was also used as an aromatic, "the best bark is thick, fat, fragrant, new, smooth and neither coarse nor thin", but warns that it was "counterfeited by mixing it with pine cones." Incense bark was probably also widely traded in antiquity; it is available today in the spice markets of Yemen, where it is more expensive than frankincense resin.

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Frankincense - Omani Superior Hojary Grade Per Kg

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